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Baileigh Industrial AP-3R Ratchet Lever Arbor Press 1.5" Stroke

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Baileigh Industrial AP-3R Ratchet Lever Arbor Press

The AP-3R is a 3 ton arbor press that has a heavy duty cast iron frame. This sheet metal forming arbor press machine is a ratchet leverage machine that allows the operator to get the most leverage out of each pull of the handle using a ratchet actuator. There is a rapid transfer flywheel that allows you to lift or lower the ram with great speed and it allows for small motions as well for set up before pressing the items at hand. There is a machined 4 position bottom plate that is perfectly perpendicular to the ram that has the proper opening for most broaches to push through. This arbor press has a solid, case hardened ram for perfect presses every time and offers years of profitable duty at full capacity. All Baileigh arbor presses can be bench or pedestal mounted. The AP-3R arbor press has a 5 inch throat opening and can handle material up to 11 inches high. For inquiring minds, please call for further information on any of our metal forming arbor presses. Baileigh arbor presses are a great value and are typically in stock.


  • Ram Size | 1.5"
  • Throat Depth | 5"
  • Maximum Material Height | 11"
  • Capacity | 3 tons
  • Power | 110V
  • Shipping Weight | 132 lbs.
  • Ram Travel Per Revolution | 6"
  • Shipping Dimensions | 18" x 9" x 25"

* Specifications subject to change without notice.


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