Associated 9640 12 Volt 40/45 Amp AGM/GEL/Flooded Technology Charger/Analyzer/Power Supply

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Associated Charger/Analyzer/Power Supply

Associated Equipment was first to market with its innovative line of Intellamatic Smart Chargers. Feature-rich, these chargers range from a 10 Amp Bench Charger to a 12/24 Volt 70/35 Amp "Safe in Any Weather" wheeled charger.  All Intellamatic chargers feature the ability to charge any type of battery including the sensitive AGM or GEL Cell batteries with a simple switch.  These chargers also include a POWER SUPPLY feature for extended service procedures or vehicle re-flashes.  In addition, many Intellamatic Smart Chargers have a Dead Battery Override feature for batteries with low voltage to receive a quick boost charge, enabling the automatic charger feature to take over once the voltage is high enough.  Intellamatic Smart Chargers provide the most reliable, feature-rich performance of any chargers made in the United States Today! 

Intellamatic 12 Volt 40/45 Amp AGM/GEL/Flooded Technology Charger/Analyzer/Power Supply 


  • Micro-processor controlled 40 Amp Bench Charger and Power Supply
  • For standard automotive, deep-cycle, AGM and GEL Cell Batteries
  • Electrical Stability System (ESS) technology feature is a 45 Amp stable power supply for extended service procedures or re-flashes — Nominal 13.7V DC Output
  • Program for deep discharge recovery of flooded batteries
  • Patented diagnostics indicate weak or defective battery
  • Utilizes three color 10mm LEDS to monitor charging status
  • Battery Selector Switch Sealed/Flooded/ESS Flash
  • Dead Battery Override Control
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Handle


  • Limited warranty | 1 YEAR
  • Shipping dimensions | 14”h x 16”w x 13”d
  • Weight | 38 lbs
  • UL/CSA Continuous Rating | 40A
  • Voltage | 12V
  • AC cord | 6’ 18-3
  • DC leads | 6 ½ ‘ 6 ½ AWG
  • Clamp rating | 400A
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