ARO 666053-322 1/2" Diaphragm Pump

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ARO 666053-322 1/2" Diaphragm Pump

ARO 666053-322, 1/2" Ports, Body materials (wetted): Polypropylene, Diaphragm / ball material: Nitrile
Air inlet NPT (F) in (mm): 1/4" (6.3), Fluid inlet / outlet material in (mm): 1/2" (12.7), Max flow gpm l/m: 13 (49.2)
Compatible fluids: Windshield fluid, motor/gear oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze

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Why Ingersoll Rand / ARO?

Our diaphragm pumps are ideal for pumping oil or other light fluids such as antifreeze, water, windshield fluid, fuel (See UL 79 Approved Units), solvents, transmission fluid, and waste oil. Fluid ports for Ingersoll Rand /ARO diaphragm pumps range in size from 3/8” to 2” (9.5 to 51 mm) to meet the requirements of any application.

  • Safety — Bolted fasteners prevent fluid leaks harmful to workers and the environment
  • Reliability — Unbalanced valve design eliminates valve centering and pump stall-outs, even under low air inlet pressure
  • Durability — Diaphragms provide four times the life over competitors
  • Flexibility — Variety of body materials allow you to pump different fluids
  • Commitment — Ingersoll Rand / ARO diaphragm pumps come with a five-year warranty

Bolted construction for safe reliability and ease of assembly

All Ingersoll Rand / ARO diaphragm pumps use bolted construction that process professionals demand. Ingersoll Rand / ARO non-metallic diaphragm pumps also utilize fasteners that are constructed of 300 Series stainless steel for maximum chemical resistance.
Bolted is safer— Bolted construction reduces the risk of spills and environmental contamination, and the attendant, mandatory reports to regulatory agencies that spills can create.

Bolted is reliable— Bolted construction withstands the heavy loading that diaphragm pumps are subjected to, without concerns about breakage or loosening.

Bolted is easier to assemble— Our bolted design allows for easy positioning and alignment of parts during reassembly. This is a significant advantage over bandclamp style pump fasteners, which are difficult to align and hold together during reassembly.

Bolted is less expensive— This design uses standard bolts that cost significantly less to replace. Non-standard fastening devices (such as band clamps) are considered wear parts and are more expensive to replace.

Positive priming provides instant start-ups

Check valves are located close to the diaphragm chambers, ensuring a positive prime the first time, every time.

Ideal for abrasion and solids-handling

Because Ingersoll Rand / ARO diaphragm pumps do not use the rotating, sliding seals found in rotary and centrifugal pumps, they’re used by more process engineers to handle tough abrasion applications.

Broad material selection

Ingersoll Rand / ARO offers a wide selection of materials, allowing your choice of the best possible wetted and non-wetted materials suited to your application.

Ingersoll Rand / ARO patented unbalanced air valve

Our unbalanced air valve design makes all Ingersoll Rand / ARO diaphragm pumps unstallable. Because the unbalanced valve cannot settle in a neutral position when the pump is shut down, it can’t become stuck, requiring the operator to hammer on the pump in order to start up again.

  • Eliminates shifting / freezing problems
  • Uses significantly less power than competition
  • Does not require lubrication
  • Forgiving in dirty air
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