AFF 817SD 10-Ton Body Repair Kit

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AFF 817SD 10-Ton Body Repair Kit


  • Contains all the tools necessary for pushing, spreading, and pressing of vehicle body panels, parts and assemblies
  • Auto air bleed pump eliminates the need to bleed system prior to use
  • Chrome plated pump core and piston rod for increased durability and long life
  • Double braided hydraulic hose provides protection against abrasion and heavy wear
  • Attachments are interchangeable with other body and frame kits
  • Includes case for easy transport
  • Meets ASME PASE 2019 standards

Set Includes:

  • Item 8163 5’ Hydraulic Hose
  • Item 8171 10 Ton Hydraulic Ram
  • Item 8172 10 Ton Hydraulic Hand Pump
  • Item 8170 1/2 Ton Spreader Ram
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