AFF 546SD 25/10 Ton Two Stage Air/Hyd Axle Jack

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AFF 546SD 25-10 Ton Super Duty 2 Stage Air/Hydraulic Axle Jack

AFF 546 SD is SUPER HEAVY DUTY, 2 Stage 25 Ton and 10 Ton built tough for the rigors of the Heavy Duty Trucking, Agricultural and Fleet business 


  • The piston head seal design is borrowed from Industrial technology providing a superior low and high pressure seal, giving this jack a much better hold under severe load conditions 
  • The extra long 138cm (54”) handle can be locked in 3 positions for easy positioning of this jack in hard to reach places. 
  • Integral Descent Metering maintains a controlled and safe lowering of the load 
  • Single piece base construction provides superior strength for increased load stability 
  • Double polished chromed pistons allow for much tighter tolerances which reduce oil bypassing and reduced ram scoring 
  • Air assisted lowering speeds up ram retraction 
  • Built in overload safety valve prevents damage to unit due to excessive load 
  • Comes with 2 extensions (75mm/3” + 45 mm1.75”) and saddle adapter 
  • Units are tested to -13F(-25C) and +113F(+45C) as well as off center loading to ensure a long life under even the harshest conditions


  • Model | 546SD
  • Capacity (tons) | 25/10
  • Ram Lift | 3.82"/7.56"
  • Low Height | 7.28"/7.28"
  • High Height | 11.10"/14.84"
  • High Height (with extensions) | 16.85"/20.59"
  • Working Air Pressure | 116 to 174 PSI
  • Ship Weight | 128 lbs
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