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Pro-Link iQ 880024 Cat Engines with ACERT Technology

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Pro-Link iQ 880024 Cat Engines with ACERT Technology

(Replaced 888024)

CAT ACERT 2003-2009

The Pro-Link iQ Cat Engines with ACERT Technology Application provides reprogramming and diagnostic capability for Cat ACERT electronic systems. With the combined power of the easy-to-use Pro-Link iQ and the functionality of the Cat ACERT application, service bay technicians experience unprecedented out-of-the-box productivity.


Easy to use
Reduces training required for set-up and/or software usage
More portable than a laptop providing the Mobile Maintenance operator with the ideal solution
No interface cable setup
No messing with cables and adapter setup

Basic Functions

Read Fault Codes
Clear Fault Codes
View/Reset Trip Data
View Engine Data

Advanced Features


Engine RPM vs. Time (%)
MPH vs. Time (%)


Boost Calibration
Timing Calibration

Diagnostic Tests

Injector Solenoid Test
Injector Actuation Pressure Test
Intake Valve Actuator Solenoid Test
Cylinder Cutout Test

Special Tests

Engine Shutdown Output
Tachometer Circuit
Auxiliary Brake
PTO Switch On Lamp
Three Speed Fan Slip Output
On/Off Cooling Fan
Lockout Solenoid
Shift Solenoid
55 MPH VSP/Speedometer
Engine Running Output
Intake Valve Actuation Pressure Solenoid
Starting Aid Output
Retarder/Exhaust Brake
Warning Lamp
Low Oil Pressure Lamp
Low Coolant Level Lamp
High Coolant Temperature Lamp
PTO Active Output

System Troubleshooting Setting

Cooling Fan
Dyno Mode
Idle Shutdown Timer
Powertrain Data Link

Display and change configurable Parameters

ECU Rating
ECU Identification
Maintenance Parameters
System Parameters
Selected Engine Rating
Cruise Control Parameters
Parameter Lockout
Exhaust Brake Options
Unprogrammed Parameters
Security Access Parameters
Vehicle Speed Parameters
Data Link Parameters
Idle Parameters Old PTO
Smart Idle Parameter
Vehicle Activity Report Parameters
Trip Parameters
Dedicated PTO Parameters
Timer Parameters
Engine Monitoring Parameters
Engine/Gear Parameters
Output Selections

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