OTC 9814 Pinion Locknut Socket

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OTC 9814 Drive Truck Pinion Locknut Socket

These sockets are designed and built to have proper clearance for yoke and locknut assemblies on a variety of truck transmissions and differentials. The sockets have 3" of usable depth and are 4" long. Using the right tool saves time and effort and eliminates the need to destroy standard sockets by grinding them down to fit tight pinion clearances.


Tool board and (6) 6-point sockets: 2" (OTC-1975), 2-1/8" (OTC-1976), 2-1/4" (OTC-1977), 2-3/8" (OTC-1978), 2-5/8"(OTC-1979) and 2-3/4" (OTC-1980).
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