Nitrogen Compressors

Mile-X Equipment offers multiple options when it comes to Nitrogen Inflation Systems. RTI & TSI both offer quality systems to fit your needs. 

RTI offers many models to choose from to fit any need: NTF-15 series allows portability and a 15 gallon storage tank. The NTF-15 Plus increases the productivity with a larger membrane for faster nitrogen generation. The NTF-515 offers (4) hose operation with auto inflator giving you all of the benefits of the NTF-15 Plus while offering a (4) hose operation that independently reads and adjusts each tire. The NTF-60 series are stationary with a 60 gallon storage tank. NTF-60 Plus increases productivity with the larger membrane. RTI has a model to fit your need. 

Tire Service Equipment Mfg. Co. (TSI) provides four models of Nitrogen Inflation Systems to choose from. These units provide service to any size shop or fleet operation and are available in 5, 6, 12 or 18 CFM capacities. Each Nitrogen Inflation System can be programmed to purge and inflate tires to the specific PSI, cycling up to 9 times while having an operating range from 0 to 145 PSI. Each unit is equipped with a convenient top-off feature. All TSI Nitrogen Inflation Systems come with quick-lock air chucks on each of 4 hoses as standard equipment. Once a technician connects each of the 4 air hoses to each tire they simply set the programmable control panel to the desired number of purge and inflate cycles, then set it to the specified tire pressure required. Any number of tires, up to four, can be purged at a single setting. The significance in having repetitive purge cycles enables a higher nitrogen rate in the tire once this process is complete. Manufactured with the highest quality American made membranes and components, all TSI Nitrogen Inflation Systems come standard with a 60 gallon pressure tank. On the NG-6, NG-12 and NG-18 there is an option for a larger 120 gallon pressure tank.

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