Local Pickup Only

Mile-X Equipment, Inc. stocks many of the popular items you see on our website right here in Coldwater, Ohio. Online shoppers crave for free shipping but someone ultimately has to pay to ship the product. In many cases we add to the product price and make it free shipping. By picking up locally we can reduce the price on many products. More and more manufacturers are also requiring that we advertise at a Minimum Advertise Price (MAP). We can sell it for less but cannot advertise the lower price. Call us at 800-837-3818 or stop in for our competitive pricing. Remember we do not have the large overhead many of the box stores have.

Associated | Click Here For Associated Products - We usually stock the 6001A, 6002B and 6021 battery chargers

Baldor | Click Here For Baldor Products - We stock almost all of the Baldor bench grinders and buffers in Coldwater.  Baldor requests that we advertise the electric motors at a high price to protect their local dealers nationwide.  Give us a call with any Baldor Electric motor part number and we can give you our competitive price.

Chicago-Pneumatic | Click Here for Chicago-Pneumatic Products - We usually carry a variety of impact wrenches.

Esco | Click Here For Esco Products - We stock many of the Esco bead breakers, small jack stands, bladder jacks, hydraulic jacks, calcium pump.

GoodAll | Click Here For GoodAll Products - GoodAll requires that we advertise at a high price.  Give us a call for competitive pricing

Handy | Click Here For Handy Products - We are one of Handy's largest distributors east of the Mississippi river and stock most of their lifts.

Hein Werner | Click Here For Hein Werner Products - We usually stock the 2 and 3 ton floor jacks and some jack stands

Ingersoll-Rand | Click Here For Ingersoll-Rand Products - We usually stock some impact wrenches up to 1"

Jet | Click Here For Jet Products - Jet requires us to advertise at a high price on most products. Mile-X is a very large distributor and can offer huge savings over the small local dealers. Give us a call with the Jet model number and we can give you our competitive price.  We do stock a few band saws, bench grinders, drill presses and J-4002 and J-41002 sanders.

Norco | Click Here For Norco Products - We stock a wide selection for Norco products. Floor jacks up to 20 tons, jack stands, transmission jacks, engine stands, clutch jacks and more.

OTC | Click Here For OTC Products - We are a very large OTC distributor and stock numerous OTC items.  If we don't stock it we can usually get it shipped to us for free by creating a larger stock order.

Posi-Lock | Click Here For Posi-Lock Products - We stock most of the manual pullers models 102 thru 116 and 202 thru 216

Powermatic | Click Here For Powermatic Products - We don't have much in the Powermatic line on our web site but have access to all their products.  Powermatic requires that we advertise at a high price so give us a call with the Powermatic model number for our competitive price.

Tiger Tool | Click Here For Tiger Tool Products - We are one of Tiger Tools larger distributors and stock most of their pullers.

Titan Lifts | Click Here For Titan Lifts Products - We stock the popular ROT-4500 Rotisserie and accessories as well as many of the Titan motorcycle lifts in Coldwater.

Wilton | Click Here For Wilton Products - Wilton requires us to advertise at a high price on many of the vises. We are free to sell at any price but cannot advertise the lower pice.  We do stock most of the Mechanics, Machinists, Tradesman, Combinations and Utility vises in Coldwater.

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