Auto Dolly

Nothing Says Summer like boating, and The Boat Dolly can help!


The Auto Dolly is great for all your boat, jet-ski, and trailer needs!

Easy for a single person to move or turn a pontoon, boat, or trailered boat in any direction!

The Auto Dolly/Car Dolly allows you to move your vehicle in any direction with ease.  Auto dollies were designed to allow one-person to move automobiles, trucks, boats, trailers, lawn tractors, jet skis, motorcycles, airplanes, and more heavy vehicles with ease.  The tires fit into a V shaped base on the auto dolly to hold them securely and keep your vehicle low to the ground.  Gain precious floorspace by moving items right up against a wall or into a corner with help from the auto dolly!

The Auto Dolly is placed under each tire of the vehicle, making the vehicle a rolling cart that will now roll in any direction with ease.  The large roller bearing casters on the auto dolly make it simple for anyone to move the vehicle in any direction.  Each standard Auto Dolly is rated to hold 1,500 Lbs and come in three different sizes.  A Heavy Duty Auto Dolly set is also available with even higher capacity.

The Auto Dolly is also made in the USA!

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